"Don't just be successful. Be significant."


Booking me to speak about music provides access to a seasoned music industry expert with over 30 million records sold and a lifelong passion for the art. I offer valuable insights into creativity, the music business, and the enduring impact of music. My speaking engagements blend storytelling, practical advice, and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of sound, making them a compelling choice for aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and music enthusiasts. More Details


Booking me to speak about educating the youth means investing in a future where young individuals are equipped with vital social and emotional skills. Through Bridge Da Gap, my non-profit organization, I've dedicated myself to empowering the next generation. My engaging talks offer practical strategies, real-life experiences, and a deep commitment to helping children and young adults thrive, making me a valuable partner in the mission of nurturing their growth and resilience. More Details


Booking me to speak about educating the youth means embracing a holistic educational program that covers English, math, science, and social studies. This program is designed to inspire young minds, nurture a thirst for knowledge, and impart essential life skills. With a proven record of academic success and a deep passion for quality education, I offer an innovative approach that empowers students to excel academically while preparing them for a successful future.  More Details







At the core of my purpose is a belief that transcends mere success — it's a commitment to significance. I've witnessed the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and the unwavering dedication to making a difference. My mission is to inspire, motivate, and guide individuals on their journey to not just achieve success, but to reach the pinnacle of significance. Through music, entrepreneurship, and motivational speaking, I aim to empower others to embrace their potential, impact lives, and leave an indelible mark on this world. Together, let's rise beyond the ordinary and embark on a path that echoes the resounding message: 'Don't just be successful. Be significant.'
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I AM DR. KEVIN KHAO CATES founder of Bridge Da Gap

Kevin "Khao" Cates embodies the essence of a multi-faceted artist, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. His journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of music, education, and philanthropy, and he continues to uplift and motivate others through his words and actions.

Producer Extraordinaire:

 Kevin "Khao" Cates is renowned for his exceptional career as a music producer.  Creating music for legendary artists such as Jay-Z, Lil Kim, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Young Jeezy. His work, including the chart-topping hit "Why You Wanna," has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Entrepreneurial Vision:

In addition to his music career, Kevin Cates has demonstrated a keen entrepreneurial spirit. He's the founder of Bridge Da Gap, a non-profit organization dedicated to education, music, technology, and philanthropy.

Author with a Message:

Beyond the realms of music and entrepreneurship, Kevin Khao Cates is also an author. His insightful book, Bridge Da Gap, offers valuable lessons and inspiring anecdotes.

Philanthropic Visionary:

As a philanthropist, Kevin Cates has made significant strides in improving education and empowering the youth. He has leveraged his music and entrepreneurial success to establish Bridge Da Gap, a nonprofit that has enhanced the lives of countless students.

Kevin Cates has embarked on a new chapter in his career as a public motivational speaker. His compelling talks cover a wide array of topics, including the profound impact of hip-hop culture on American society and the transformative influence of artificial intelligence on the music industry.

Dynamic Motivational Speaker:

Educator and Innovator:

With the creation of KOOLriculum and KoolAR, an augmented reality educational platform, Kevin Cates has demonstrated a commitment to innovative education. His programs merge hip-hop music with engaging content, providing students with dynamic learning experiences that empower them to excel academically and creatively.



  • Diverse Expertise: Kevin Cates brings a unique blend of experiences as a multi-platinum music producer, successful entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. His diverse background allows him to speak on a wide range of topics, making him a versatile choice for various events.
  • Inspiration and Motivation: Kevin's compelling life journey, from his early career in music to his philanthropic and entrepreneurial endeavors, is a source of inspiration for audiences. His story and insights can motivate individuals to pursue their passions and achieve their goals.
  • Relevant Topics: Whether discussing the influence of hip-hop culture on America or the impact of AI on the music industry, Kevin addresses contemporary and thought-provoking subjects that resonate with a wide range of audiences, from music enthusiasts to entrepreneurs and educators.
  • Practical Insights: Kevin doesn't just inspire; he provides practical advice and actionable insights. His talks often include valuable takeaways that attendees can apply to their personal and professional lives.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Kevin's ability to engage audiences through storytelling is a highlight of his speaking style. His narratives captivate listeners and make complex topics accessible and relatable.
  • Philanthropic Perspective: As a philanthropist, Kevin Cates brings a deep commitment to community and social impact. His insights into the power of giving back and making a difference can inspire others to become more involved in charitable endeavors.
  • Educational Initiatives: Kevin's involvement in education, including his development of the KOOLriculum and KoolAR, showcases his dedication to innovative and effective learning experiences. His talks can shed light on the future of education and technology.
  • Entertainment Industry Insights: With his extensive experience in the entertainment industry, Kevin can offer valuable insights into music production, entrepreneurship, and the creative process. This knowledge can be particularly appealing to audiences interested in the music and entertainment sectors.
  • Positive Reputation: Kevin "Khao" Cates is a respected figure in both the music industry and philanthropic circles. His reputation for professionalism and integrity can enhance the credibility of your event.
  • Impactful Message: Whether discussing success, significance, or the power of music, Kevin's overarching message encourages audiences to strive for greatness and contribute positively to the world.


I bring a diverse blend of music industry success, innovation, philanthropy and motivational messaging that provides unique value. Audiences could find inspiration, insider knowledge, and empowerment from his keynote speeches.

Music Education / Technology Entrepreneurship

1. Innovation in Music Creation and Distribution:
2. Career Development and Diversification:
3. Enhanced Learning Experiences:
4. Cultural and Social Impact:

How Hiphop culture is shaping America

1. Cultural Awareness and Appreciation:
2. Social Impact and Change:
  • Addressing Social Issues: Hip-hop often addresses social, economic, and political issues. The topic highlights how artists use their platform to bring attention to critical matters, potentially inspiring viewers to engage in social activism.
3. Educational Value:
  • Historical Perspective: The topic educates viewers about the history of Hip-hop and its roots in African and African-American communities, providing a deeper understanding of its evolution and significance.
4. Economic and Career Opportunities:
Promoting Local Artists:
  • This topic serves as a platform to educate local Hip-hop artists, providing them with information and potential career opportunities

How AI is shifting the music game 

1. Innovation and Creativity Enhancement:
2. Industry Insight and Future Preparedness:
3. Efficiency and Accessibility in Music Production:
4. Data-Driven Decision Making:

Education and Culture / Culture tools to strengthen public education 

1. Enhanced Learning Environments:
2. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion:
3. Community Engagement and Collaboration:
4. Preparation for Global Citizenship:


By booking me as your keynote speaker, you can ensure that your event is not only informative and inspiring but also highly engaging and memorable for your attendees. My multifaceted expertise and captivating speaking style make me an excellent choice for a wide range of events and audiences.